Beyond Our Borders Ghana reportage

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Day 5 - Church mass and harvest festivity

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On Sunday, one goes to church. Therefore, the group was more than welcome at the special Harvest service, that was performed partly in English and partly in the local language.

All the participants briefly introduced themselves in front of the big catholic community that filled the hall.

Afterwards an auction was held, of which the proceeds went to the entire community. Some of the participants helped the cause by selling raffles.

Information about the region

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For those who want to match their experiences in the Upper-East region to statistical data, take a look at There you can find ‘facts and figures’ about economy, population, social structures and much more.

Check to see if your experiences match the numbers!

Vitus in Holland!?

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A little street in a little fortified town in Noord-Holland. Very different from the scenery in Father Vitus’ surroundings.

Vitus street